Boho Queen Jewelry: A Review

I had wanted to be a brand ambassador for a while because I truly do love all things beauty and fashion. I finally got my opportunity when I was contacted on Instagram by a company called Boho Queen Jewelry. I applied and was accepted into their collab program (I believe they accept everyone who applies honestly) and was sent to their site to pick out a piece of jewelry to purchase and promote on my Instagram account.

I picked out a beautiful waist and thigh chain piece and informed them that this was the piece I wanted to use to promote their company and products. I received a discount code and made the order. The original price of this piece was $84 and I got it for only $36 so I was extremely delighted. It was a beautiful piece and I thought that $36 was a steal.

As you can see from the pictures above the piece looks stunning.

I placed my order at the end of April and was expecting it to arrive about a week and a half later since the site claims they ship every 72 hours but it took about 3 weeks to get to me. I was lead to believe that this company was based in the U.S but when I looked at the package it was shipped in it became clear that this is a company based in China. I have no issue with that but its something that a business should tell its buyers up front.

Even after the long wait I was excited to get the body chain on and take some photos for my Instagram and for the company to use on their page. My excitement faded when I  attempted to put the body chain on for the first time and it immediately broke.

20170517_161601 Luckily I’m a jewelry maker myself so I knew how to put the piece back together. Cool no biggie right? Wrong! It broke FIVE more times in different places before I could get it to stay together long enough to snap a few quick pictures. I had an entire shoot planned because I wanted to do the best job possible promoting this company but that was out the window. I got one decent picture before the piece broke AGAIN and I gave up.


I wanted to do several different poses and a couple of different outfits but as I said before, my plans were now out the window. I sat down to get into a different pose and SNAP the piece was broken and so was I. I was done. I couldn’t get the piece to lay right because of the way it was put together at the thighs so I admit the photo was not the best. Then again the product was not the best either.

I emailed the company and sent pictures of the broken piece and got no response past them asking what my order number was. That was last week.

I wanted to give Boho Queen Jewelry a good review and provide them with quality representation but that was hard for me to do given the quality of the product that was sent to me. I know I only paid $36 for the chain but honestly it was not even worth that much. It is pretty to look at but impossible to wear. The material is cheap…discount section of the craft store cheap. I can’t believe that they are actually charging people $84 for a piece of jewelry made with such low quality materials. I had already planned my  next ambassador order but receiving this piece changed my mind completely.

If I ever hear back from them I will give an update but as of right now I don’t think I will be working with Boho Queen Jewelry again.


15 thoughts on “Boho Queen Jewelry: A Review

  1. sagittariusdolly says:

    I’m the latest person that Boho Queen Jewelry had contacted me on my Instagram account inviting me to be their ambassador. I’m glad I decided to do a Google search before I applied since I not only found your blog but I found other less-than-happy reviews as well. I decided to do a Google search since their invitation totally came from out of the blue.

    By the way, you should walk away from any company that asks you to review their products then expects you to pay for their products before you can do a review. Most legitimate companies tend to send free promotional copies for review only.

    Well, anyway, thank you for your post. I feel like I have dodged a financial bullet here.


  2. Julie Russ says:

    I am glad I found this review! a similar thing happened to me earlier this year but with NYC Nora, they also admit everyone on their affiliate programs, where you have to pay for a product and they give you a “discount” and once you get the item is not even worth the price…


    • Yara says:

      You are very welcome and I’m glad you reviewed them. After I posted of them I have been contacted by others that have been scammed and have been contacted by them and as you they have decided to do research on them first. I am so grateful that my experience is helping others. Please share your experience with other and post a review to avoids the others are scam.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yara says:

    I was scammed by this company andnin the process met other girls. Some of this girls were afraid because the so call company even threatened them to charge the complete price of the jewelry if they call the bank.
    In my case I even payed for express shipping and never receive my order. I emailed them more than 5 times an there is no other way to communicate with them.
    Also, be extra careful with Collab at Chic Wish List. Is the same thing.


  4. Jessika says:

    Glad I found this!!! They reached out to me via IG this weekend. I had an issue with them referring to their bracelet and ring combos as “Slave” bracelets and they just sent an automated email about finishing the sign up process!!! SMH not going to waste my time.


  5. Abigail Lee says:

    Wow, I’m glad I read this! They had reached out to me recently as well. It’s good to hear this before I waste my money!


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