A Proposal but No Ring

Would you accept a proposal with no ring? Does it make a woman less if she does?

This is a subject that is talked about often among unmarried women. A lot of women feel that if man wants to marry you then he should buy you a ring, others disagree. I’m on the side of the ones who disagree.

It is believed that the tradition of the engagement ring originated from a Roman custom. The woman would wear rings attached to small keys to indicate their husbands ownership. The first known diamond ring was given to Mary of Burgundy and from there it became a trend for nobility.

I find the history behind the tradition to be very vain but lots of traditions have a less than appealing history. I have no issue with being proposed to with a ring but I don’t feel it’s necessary if two people are in love and want to celebrate that love by getting married. A lot of people say that the ring is a symbol of the love between the two. Why do you need a physical symbol of someones love? The ultimate symbol is them asking you to spend the rest of your life with them. If that doesn’t say I Love You then
I don’t think any ring can. Again these are just my opinions.

One woman went so far as to say that she believes that if a woman accepts a proposal without a ring she is being compelled by her desperation and that she has low standards. To me this is a reach. Some women are not interested in materialistic symbols of love. some  women don’t like jewelry. Some would rather see that money invested into something a bit more long term. Saying that a woman is desperate or has low standards because she would say yes with no ring is ridiculous. We are all different and the next woman should not be put down because of something as trivial as the acceptance of marriage sans a metal band with an expensive rock attached.


What are your thoughts? Do you need a ring to solidify your union or is the love that you share with your partner enough?


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