White Girl, Black Ass..ets

Before you read this I want to make it known that this was not written out of hate, anger, or bitterness. It is an observation made by a community of women.

Have you ever been scrolling through your social media feed and happened to see a picture of a White woman with full lips, tanned skin, and curvy figure with a caption reading something like “Watch out Black girls!” or “White girls winning” or “White girls are evolving”? I see these types of posts all too often on my social media feeds.

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We live in a time where cosmetic surgery is almost the norm. Everyone is filling, enhancing, and plumping every part of their body possible. People like the Kardashians and Jenners have changed body standards due to the enhancements they have gotten. Suddenly body goals are darker skin, bigger hips and butts, and big plump lips. People have injured themselves trying to achieve these “body goals”.

“Whats the big deal?” you ask. Well not too far back a group of people, mainly women were ridiculed for these suddenly fashionable assets. Black women who are known to have full lips, wide hips, and large…assets were called all kinds of names for these features. These features were seen as ugly and unattractive on Black women. There were cartoon made that over exaggerated our features for the purpose of mocking us.


So why are White women praised for having features and doing things that Black women have had and done for centuries? Are Black features better on white women? Are these features only ugly on Black women? It seems that nearly everything a Black woman has or does is frowned upon by the majority. It doesn’t just stop at the physical. If a black woman is assertive about something she has and attitude and is deemed unruly. Yet a White woman who displays the same assertiveness is seen as passionate and outspoken. A latina would be called feisty ans sexy. Black women aren’t allowed to be upset or angry because as soon as we are we are labeled as bitter and angry. We are called bitches for simply showing human emotion. I’ll touch more on the subject of the treatment of black women in modern society in later posts though.

Again this is simply an observation and is not meant to offend any person or group of people.



One thought on “White Girl, Black Ass..ets

  1. piecesofme2016 says:

    Don’t apologise for being candid, what you are saying is true. This copy cat syndrome has been going on for centuries, in music Elvis, Adele and Eminem are the kings and queen of the rock ‘n’ roll/hip hop/rnb genres, yet black people have been making music in these genres for years. When it comes to dancing, if a white woman can whine its a big deal…Black people don’t help the situation though because we encourage it. Cornrows are cool when they are called boxer braids WTH??? Again the moment we stop celebrating our culture once the “white man” says it ok, we will be great as a nation again.

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