Whats On My Desk

I have unofficially challenged myself to blog at least 3 to 4 time a week from now on. I grabbed a list of things thing write about from Pinterest and pulled a few that I thought would be fun. Today I am going to do Whats On My Desk. Since I don’t exactly have a home office set up yet I use my makeup area as my desk.  I don’t have much “office” stuff on it besides my laptop and a couple journals and planners. The only time I’m at my desk is when I’m doing my makeup or when I’m not in the mood to leave my bedroom to do my writing.  Here’s a shot of my desk:


You can see I’m working on this very post!


2 thoughts on “Whats On My Desk

  1. Mua_Helenah says:

    I really like your makeup station setup! I have some acrylic boxes like yours but I like the taller ones you have they look fab! I’m also trying to write more blog posts too maybe I’ll write one about my makeup station setup!x

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