Why Beauty In Vain?

Hi Guys! How many of you have been wondering why my blog name is Beauty In Vain? Well today I’m going give you a piece of the story.

I was dating a guy a few years back who had the habit of calling me vain anytime I’d look into a mirror. I know it was meant to be rude and slightly insulting but instead of getting upset I began using it as my screen name on my online profiles and things. Instead of breaking me down it gave me a little boost.  As time passed and that relationship ended I continued using Vain as my handle for almost everything. It stuck to the point where I’d meet people in real life and instead of addressing me by my actual name they’d call me Vain.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not a vain person…at least I don’t think I am. In fact I used to identify more with the second definition of vain…producing no result; useless. I know it doesn’t describe a person but at a time in my life it was me and that is a story for another day.


One thought on “Why Beauty In Vain?

  1. tvelicia says:

    I was wondering why and I’m glad you took what was meant to be an insult and turned it into something wonderful that we can all learn from.

    Liked by 1 person

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