Total Control Drop Foundation

Hello Beauties! I’m sure you’ve already  heard about the fairly new NYX Total Control Drop Foundation. This foundation comes in 24 different shades so there’s a shade of almost everyone. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation comes in a super cute little frosted glass bottle and the dispenser is, as the name implies a dropper. You get 0.43 fl. oz of foundation for $13. I’m used to getting at least an once so for me this was a con.

Applying this foundation can be a bit bothersome because of the consistency. The foundation is extremely runny so it can be messy. There is a brush that is sold separately for an additional $13 that was made for this foundation. After looking at a few reviews of the brush and foundation together I decided that buying the brush would be a waste of money. I wouldn’t recommend applying the foundation directly to a brush or beauty blender because it will be soaked up. The most effective way of applying the foundation that I found was to apply the drops directly to my skin then use my brush to blend. the consistency of the product may makes this messy if you aren’t careful. You may want to throw on an old t-shirt just in case a drop gets away from you.

This foundation claims to deliver sheer-to-full coverage with just a few drops and give a matte finish. Below is a picture of how to achieve the desired coverage.


I like full coverage so I started with four drops. That gave me medium coverage on ONE cheek. I had to double that to get the coverage that I wanted. For my entire face I had to use about 20 drops to get full coverage. The only person who could get full coverage from four drops of this foundation is someone with skin that is already almost flawless. I like the look that it gives after application. It is matte and it stays in place.

I really want to like this foundation but I feel like with the amount that I have to use to get the coverage I want I would go through a bottle extremely fast. At $13 that’s not really such a bad thing though, Ive spent more on other foundations and ended up hating them.Would I recommend this foundation?  Yes. Its a nice foundation. It has its faults but once you get the hang of it it does do what it claims.



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