Natural Hair Diary: The Results Are In!!!

Did The Inversion Method Work?

I cut my hair back in November and had about an inch of growth between then and the beginning of January. I began the Inversion Method a week ago yesterday. 

Hello Beauties! Today is the day I present you with the results from the Inversion Method that I started on the 23rd of this month. Basically the Inversion Method is a method said to grow an inch of hair in just one week. I started this once before and did not stick with it long enough to see results. This time I was determined to do it for the full week and see if I could really gain an inch of growth.


This is not me but HAIR GOALS!!!

Never heard of the Inversion Method? Well let me break it down for you! For one week you oil your scalp with a heated oil of your choice, I used my Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer. When your scalp has been oiled you turn your head upside down either by hanging your head between your legs or leaning over the side of the bed upside down and massage your scalp for 4 minutes. Do this everyday for 7 consecutive days. The heat of the oil and the massaging increases blood circulation which can promote hair growth. wp-1461261763412.jpg


In addition to the Inversion Method I increased my water intake and continued taking my Hair Skin and Nail Vitamins by Spring Valley. I also kept my hair in twists the entire time that I did the Inversion Method to keep from manipulating it too much. Here are my results:


Personally I don’t see a significant difference. The before pic is stretch while the after isn’t. I feel like there MAY be a little more length in the back but I’m not sure. I will try this again next month and provide a better before and after photo. I think that I will also just use coconut oil on my next go around because the Wild Growth Oil left a bit too much build up when using it daily. I feel like I will see better results overtime. Have any of you have and positive results with this method of hair growth? Tell me about it in the comments!









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