OMG Clinique!

Hello Beauties! I have to share my thoughts on this charcoal clay mask by Clinique. I got the Clinique City Block Purifying charcoal clay mask+scrub as a sample with a purchase I made at Sephora. Usually my samples end up in a basket on my dresser never to be touched again but I’m a fan of face masks so I decided to go ahead and give this one a try. Like any other mask you apply this one to your face and let it sit for a few minutes, after the mask dries you wet your hands and begin to remove the mask by rubbing in small circles. Instead of rinsing off the mask acts an exfoliate! After exfoliating you rinse your face and pat it dry. The results are amazing! My skin felt soft, smooth, and clean. The mask didn’t dry me out or make my skin feel tight like other masks have done. I followed the mask with my usual moisturizer with spf. I am most definitely getting the full size tube of this mask when I make my next Sephora purchase!


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