Best Clay Mask Ever!!


Hello Beauties! I hope all is well on this lovely Wednesday evening. I had not planned on posting again today but I absolutely had to tell you all about this Bentonite clay mask I applied to my hair today! I had used Bentonite clay in my hair twice before this time and the results have never been as great as they were this time around. I used a clay mask by Blue Planet Organics. You can find my first review and recipe on this product here. Today I decided to make my own recipe instead of using one I had found online. This is what I mixed:

5 teaspoons of Bentonite Clay

The clay is the only thing I measured. The rest I did by eye.

Tea Tree Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Avocado Oil

Wild Growth Oil (yellow bottle)


I started with the clay then added the oils. I saved the vinegar and water for last. I mixed all the ingredients together in a plastic bowl and stirred it with a plastic spoon until it was smooth and as lump free as possible, never use metal when working with bentonite clay. The mix should have the consistency of Greek yogurt when you are done mixing. I dampened my hair and detangled as much as possible then applied the mask and a shower cap and let the clay sit for about 35 minutes. I rinsed the mix out of my hair then used my Aussie Moist Conditioner with about 10 drops of Wild Growth Oil (yellow bottle) to co-wash and make sure all the clay was removed from my strands as well as my scalp.

This process made my hair so soft and my curls were extremely defined.

I believe the addition of the Wild Growth Oil to the mask and to the conditioner helped me achieve the softness that I currently have. I will be doing this mask at least once a month now. I will be doing a separate post giving my opinion on the Wild Growth Oils.

Thanks for reading Beauties!






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