Glycolic Acid Peel #3

Just a quick (late) update on my glycolic acid peel journey! I wasn’t able to upload my peel results from the 21st of October on the 24th of October  because I was so busy packing and getting ready for the move.

The results of my 3rd peel were pretty much in line with my 1st and 2nd peels. I felt some slight tingling which went away after neutralizing. I still have not seen any major difference in the appearance of my skin but it does FEEL softer immediately following the peel. My pores are still very visible but then again this was only my 3rd peel.

I skipped the peel on the 28th because I had a few break outs on my nose and forehead and didnt want to apply the acid to my face with existing issues. I will be doing the peel tomorrow and posting about it on Monday.


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