Glycolic Acid Peel #2

Hello it’s week 2 of my 6 week chemical peel journey! I have been washing my face with a mild soap and moisturizing with coconut oil for daily upkeep. I recently purchased a bar of Ambi Black Soap to use exclusively on my face while I do the chemical peels. This week it was time to bump the treatment time up 1 minute. Following the same steps as before I prepped my skin and applied the peel. I left it on for 2 minutes then neutralized and rinsed with water. My skin feels softer and smoother but I’m not seeing any fading of dark spots. I think it’s still too early to see those types of changes seeing as how this is a light glycolic peel of only 30%. The tingling was more intense this time around but not bad enough that I couldn’t keep it on my skin for 2 minutes. There is no visible peeling but I have experienced itching which is said to be a normal side effect. So far everything is going well with the peel and I hope to see noticeable changes as I continue the treatment. 

What are your thoughts on chemical peels as a way of obtaining clearer skin? Have you used any? What were your results?


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