Glycolic Acid Peel #1

Hello beauties! As you all may know from my Saturday post, I have decided to step into the world of At Home Chemical Peels. I did my first treatment on Friday October 7th. I am using Perfect Image Glycolic 30% Gel Peel. It’s around $35 for a 1oz bottle. This is a superficial peel so it’s good for people who have sensitive skin. This peel is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of aging. 

I did a patch test behind my ear before applying this product to the rest of my face. I left the gel on for about 30 seconds for the patch test as directed for first time users. There was no stinging or irritation. After 48 hours I did a full peel. First I washed my face with a mild soap and water then prepped my skin with a diluted rubbing alcohol solution to dry out all the oiliness and to remove any excess dirt. I then applied some of the gel to a cotton ball and began the application. I started my timer (set at 1 minute) as soon as I did my first swipe. There was a stinging sensation this time but nothing that wasn’t tolerable. I watched my face in the mirror to make sure nothing out of the ordinary was happening. After the 1 minute was up I applied my Neutralizer Skin Ph Balancer by Cellbone Technology to stop the acid from working. I read that a neutralizer was not needed for such a low level acid but I didn’t want to take any chances. After I applied the neutralizer I rinsed my ENTIRE face with cool water for 1 minute. I then moisturized my face with coconut oil. I did this Friday night so that I wouldn’t have to expose my skin to the sun immediately after. 

My overall first impression of this product is that it seems like it may give some positive results. I won’t be able to give my full opinion until after a few more uses but I am hopeful. I am photo documenting my experience and will post those pictures at the end of my 6 week treatment.

Thanks for reading!


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