Off The Grid(Involuntarily)

I swear I want to blog regularly and give my readers quality posts but I run into issues everytime I get into the groove of things. It’s like I take one step forward and 50 steps back. 

As you may know I moved a few months ago. This move was supposed to be temporary, a month at the most and then it would be on to a bigger place so I decided there was no use in setting up Wifi and such because I had a pretty good amount of data with my cellular provider. Apparently a “good amount” is not enough for me to do everything I need to do online. I ran out of data within a week and have been off the grid ever since. Well here it is 4 months later and I’m just hearing news about my new place being ready. I will be moving again within the next couple of weeks and will immediately set up Wifi so that I can get back into blogging on a schedule as well as conducting and building business. 

If you are still here and actually read my posts then I’d like to say thanks.I will do better in the future. I have many drafts that I am working on that I feel will be interesting and will help you readers get to know me a bit better. Can’t wait to get back to blogging!


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