Rant: Vistaprint Digital Marketing

Last month I decided to try Vistaprints Digital Marketing service. I needed a nice e-commerce website that I could sell my handmade jewelry and my natural whipped body butters from. I thought I had found that with Vistaprints $18 a month website plan. With this plan I received a domain name, a “customizable” website with an online store that I could sell on. 

The website builder was a pretty simple little system, a click and grab type thing, for lack of better words. You choose a “block” and drag it onto the site and put in your information. This was great until I realized that you could only put in what they had blocks for. There was no way to insert things like email signup forms. That was no biggie for me so I brushed it off. There’s a whole section for your online store but you have to use the pre-made templates which only gave the option to Buy Now with Paypal. This was a problem for me because I had customers who wanted to buy more than one product at a time. This is very inconvenient without a shopping cart option so I decided to add a shopping cart. I called Vistaprint and was told that in order to get a shopping cart I would have to upgrade to their $30 plan. I had no problem with that and told the agent that I would call to upgrade after my 1 month trial was over.

Fast forward to August 5th around 12 noon, 2 days before my trial was to end. I called Vistaprint and asked to be upgraded. I was on the phone with the agent for 35 minutes, 30 of those minutes were spent on hold. After all that time on hold the agent comes on the phone and tells me that they are having technical issues and that a ticket would be put in to solve my issue. That was fine, it was Friday, I didnt have much to do in relation to my business. A couple hours later I received an email saying they were working on my issue. 4 hours later I still had not heard back from them so I called back. This time the agent told me that I had the hightest package available and that I should be able to integrate a shopping cart using my Paypal create a cart function, I thanked her and hung up. I go to the website creator and nothing has changed. By now Im getting a bit annoyed. I mean Im trying to give you people my money and you’re not taking it! I call Vistaprint for a 3rd time and the 3rd agent tells me that the $18 package is the only one they offer now and that it should provide the features I was looking for. IT DID NOT. 

What made me mad about the whole situation is the fact that Vistaprint did not send any kind of email stating their change in packages. I felt like their “Digital Marketing Experts” were not trained or informed enough to give me the correct information when I called. I ended up canceling my plan and going with Shopifys $29 package. Its so much better. I would not recommend Vistaprint for anyone looking to build a website. They should just stick to making business cards and work on their label customization.

I just heard back from them yesterday about the issue that I had. It should never take a business almost a full week to respond to a customer. Sorry about the long post but I just wanted to let people know my experience so that they dont have to go through the same headache.


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