My Morning Coffee 4/11/16

I haven’t been to sleep yet and I know its going to kick my ass in a few hours but I’m extremely restless for reasons unknown. Maybe I have too much on my mind. Yesterday was a bit stressful. I’m looking for a job to help supplement my income until I get this business relaunch off the ground. I’m not having much luck finding anything that works well for my schedule. My obligations as a single parent wont let me take just any job. I wont lose hope though.

I’m using wedding planning as a distraction from more stressful situations. I always said I don’t want a big fancy wedding but that’s out the window at this point. I want a wedding to remember…nontraditional of course. I feel like there’s a Bridezilla deep down inside waiting to make her appearance. My brother suggested a wedding planner the other day and my first response was “Is she going to do exactly what I say?” .

Anyway I am going to try to do as many posts as I can this week. Im in the process of moving so it may be difficult. I will try my best though. I cant wait until Im finally settled and can focus on my passions. Time to start the day!


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