My Morning Coffee: 5/9/2016

Back On Track

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone has been well. I have been away for a few days handling some personal business but I’m back and will be posting regularly once again. There’s a lot going on currently and I’m really trying hard not to fall into a negative state of mind.

I’m thinking about publishing my first YouTube video soon. I don’t have the equipment to do it with my Nikon so I’ll be using my Android phone camera for now. I have a few hauls that I want to do and I really want to do some wedding planning vlogs. I think that will be a lot of fun.

I finally received my Productivity Planner so I will be using that that to keep on track and stay productive and organized. I will do a review after a week of using it just to give a bit of feedback about it. now it’s off to start my day.

Stay positive and be productive!


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