First Impression Friday: Ginger and Liz Colour Collection Nail Lacquer

Ginger And Liz Skinnys


Happy Friday! It’s time for a first impression. I wanted to do this one last week but time got away from me. Today I have a nail polish by Ginger and Liz. I don’t know much about this brand but this is a product that came in my April Cocotique Box. It is vegan friendly and toxin free which is always a plus. I got the shade Trust Fund, an emerald, “dry ice effect” shade that dries to silky finish. It is very pigmented and goes on smoothly. I wasn’t sure after the first coat because it didn’t look as deep as I like my polish and took on an even lighter shade once it dried.


I like it a bit better once I added the second coat.


I didn’t like the “silkly finish” so I applied a clear coat to give my nails some shine.


Overall this nail polish is good. I will have to update in a few days to tell you how the wear and chipping is. You can get this and many other colors and textures, yes I said textures, on their website at Their polishes cost $12.00 which I will not say is a pro or con until I’ve worn the polish for a few days. I will be back with an update around Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed this quick first impression. Come back Wednesday to check out a more in-depth review and update!

Have a beautiful weekend!


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