Cornstarch Matte Topcoat?

Hi lovelies!

I was scrolling through Pinterest and found something really cool DIY matte nail polish post. You mix cornstarch and clear nail polish and use it as a topcoat over your colored nail polish. Here’s the pin:


Now maybe I did it wrong because I did not get these same results. I tried it as pictured as well as mixing it in an old nail polish bottle. Here are my results:

It seemed to look more matte without the mixture. I put quite a bit of cornstarch into the clear polish just to make sure it had the right matte look. The mixture looked great on the piece of plastic I tried it on and looked semi matte on just my bare nail. When it came to putting it over color it just didn’t work for me. I think it’d be easier to just buy a mattifying topcoat from the store. Anyone tried this with better results? Any matte nail cheats of your own?


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