My Morning Coffee 4/7/2016

Good morning readers! Yesterday was super productive and equally tiring. I went on a supply run so that I could pick up some things to get these body butter samples. I ended up spending more than I wanted but hey, ya gotta spend money to make money right? I also picked up a few strands of beads because I really need to put out some more pieces. Todays agenda? First Im going to go to this surplus sale that we have in the next town over once a month. The first Wednesday of the month you can go and view items that the University and Medical School no longer need and then the next day you can go buy. Im getting off topic…anyway I saw the most beautiful purple satin “gift” boxes there at the viewing yesterday and I want some! Only problem is that this thing is first come, first serve so you have to get there EARLY and stand in line. By the time this post is published  I’ll probably be making a mad dash towards the table with the cute purple boxes. Wish me luck because there are only eight available. I hope to do some work on my website today also. I really need to get that published. That will probably end up taking up most of my day in itself. Time to start my day now. I hope you all have happy and productive days!


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