Natural Hair Diary: Overnight Deep Conditioning…My Hair Hates It

Good Morning readers! I hope everyone’s weekend was as enjoyable as mine. Today’s Natural Hair Diary post will be on deep conditioning. Deep Conditioning is when you put a conditioner on your hair and let it stay for an extended period of time. Usually you sit under a dryer on a low heat setting with a shower cap over your hair for about 30 minutes. Some naturalistas even suggest doing this overnight. It may work for some but my hair HATES it. I use coconut oil for my deep conditioning because my scalp and hair love it. Anywhere between 30 minutes and 3 hours my hair does fine but I find if I condition any longer my hair gets “mushy” and feels really heavy even after washing. I’m still learning about the things that my hair likes and dislikes and will be speaking more on those things as I continue my natural hair journey. I do these posts as a way to document my progress and also to keep track of it all. I am thinking of also documenting my daughters journey and progress so look out for those posts soon. Thanks for reading and Ill be back with more very soon!


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