Lipstick Addiction: What’s In My Collection

“My name is Michelle and Im a Lipstickoholic.”

Yes I made up a word for my lipstick addiction…dont judge me.

So in the past few moths I have discovered my love for lipstick. For years I felt like I was just not the kind of girl who could pull off lipstick. I didnt like any shade I put on. I would play around with some crazy colors but never really felt comfortable leaving the house in them. Recently I’ve come out of my shell a bit and have been trying different matte lipsticks. I have become OBSESSED. I love matte lipstick! I think I bought about 15 matte lipsticks in the month of March. Needless to say I probably wont be purchasing any more lipstick until around May…if I can hold out. Anyway I wanted to give you all a look into whats in my lipstick collection.

The lip products pictured above will be highlighted purple in the lists below.

I will start with the Mattes.

Ruby Kisses Matte Lipstick:

  • Blackism
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Lilac
  • Purple Affair
  • Aphrodite

Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Laquer:

  • Bellagio

Ruby Kisses Triple Butter Matte Cream

  • Love at first sight

Ruby Kisses Maracuja Kiss Stick:

  • Take me to Paris
  • Some Gorgeous

Ruby Kisses Color Design:

  • Velvet Red
  • Lavender

All Ruby Kisses products can usually be found in your local beauty supply store or Amamzon. There are some hit and misses when it comes to Ruby Kisses lipsticks but when its good its REALLY good. They have a lot of wild colors if you’re someone who likes to standout.

Next are brands that I only have one or two lipsticks from so I wont split them up the way I did the Ruby Kisses products.

  • Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid: Vivid Violet
  • Maybelline Colorblur Cream Matte Pencil and Smudger: Fast & Fuchsia
  • Absolute New York Velvet Lippie: Surf’s Up (Matte Cream)
  • Absolute New York Ultra Slick: NFA13 (looks fuchsia to me)
  • Wet n Wild: Vamp it Up
  • Nyx Matte Lipstick: Siren
  • Manic Panic: After Midnight
  • M.A.C: Smoked Purple
  • Black Radiance Perfect Tone Matte Lip Color: Retro Berry
  • Black Radiance Lipstick: Reggae Red
  • LASplash Cosmetics Smitten Liptint mousse: Deadly Nightshade

Those are a mix of drugstore and “high end” lipsticks and ranged in prices from $5 to $17. The most expensive ones are MAC and LASplash. I like them all but the Maybelline Vivid Matte does NOT dry to a matte finish. Its kind of thick and heavy but I like the color so I can deal. I hate the Maybelline Colorblur because it goes on patch and literally looks like you rubbed crayon across your lips. Maybe I’ll try it again down the road but its not the first thing I’d reach for.

Last but most definitely not least are my ColourPop products.

Ultra Matte Lip:

  • Lychee
  • StingRaye
  • More Better
  • LAX

Lippie Stix:

  • Bull Chic (matte)

Lippie Pencil:

  • Bull Chic

When I say I love these lip colors I mean it. Like I’m considering taking out a small loan in order to purchase every lip product they have. Im only half joking! Im going to do a post on only the stuff I got from ColourPop. I wore LAX on Friday night and it lasted all night. I put it on at around 7pm and when I got home at 7am Saturday morning it was still holding up pretty well. It did come off a little throughout the night but it wasnt MAJOR. I dont want to say too much or else I wont have anything to say when I do my full review so Im going to stop here. Keep your eyes open for lip swatches and a full ColourPop review later this week or early next week.

As always thank you so much for reading and feel free to leave feedback!




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