Another Mystery Box: Maybelline and Almay/Revlon

TGIF right? Hi guys and gals guess what I bought? Another Maybelline Mystery Box off of Amazon. I love buying these mystery boxes because I get a lot of makeup for a really good price. This particular box contains 10 items for the low low price of $24.99. I contacted the seller and asked them to send me items for my skin tone and they responded quickly telling me that they would do so. I got face, lip, eye, and nail items in my box. Im sure I would have paid a lot more if I had bought these items at the store.Delivery was fast and the packaging was secure. Nothing was damaged or broken and all the makeup looks usable. I was most excited about the FitMe  Foundation in the shade 340 because I can never find it in the store. I discovered it when I ordered a Maybelline Mystery Box back in December and fell in love with it. It fits my skin perfectly and its not heavy and cakey. If you like makeup and surprises you should really head over to Amazon and order a couple of these boxes. They also have other brands. I purchased an Almay/Revlon from the same seller. I honestly was not happy with the Almay/Revlon box. The items seemed old and looked like they had been stored for way too long. None of the foundations were right for me but I turned a negative into a positive and decided that I could use them to highlight.The jewel in this box was the gel eyeliner in a beautiful royal purple. I may have just gotten a bad supply this time but I wont be buying the Revlon/Almay box again.


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