Natural Hair Diary: Product Review

Happy Saturday! I wanted to do a quick review of one of the deluxe samples I received in my Cocotique Mega Deluxe Beauty Box. This product is called Lady’s Washbowl Hair Cleanser by NaturalRoots. It claims to clean without the harsh ingredients. I tried it about a week ago to see if this claim could be confirmed. I applied it to my hair and scalp as directed, left it in for 15 minutes, massaged my scalp, then rinsed. This product did not work for me. It has the consistency of water and smells like my mint essential oil. It didn’t do much for cleaning my hair. After I used it there was still a significant amount of product build up. It was like I just wet my hair with water and then rinsed it with more water. This was my LEAST  favorite item in my Cocotique Mega Box. Has anyone else had any experience with products made by NaturalRoots? I would love to hear some feedback. I’m thinking maybe I did it wrong or something. I followed the directions to the letter and was not impressed.


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