Fashion Age Limit?

As a woman who’s knocking on thirties door I often find myself looking at certain outfits and asking “Am I too old to rock this?”. I sometimes feel that as a mother of two I shouldn’t wear certain clothes because they aren’t motherly or age appropriate. In my last post about corsets I described an outfit that I would love to wear but I feel like maybe a 28 year old mother of two may not be the right person to rock it. I think I hold back with my wardrobe because of my age and how others may see me. I’m torn between doing what I want and doing whats supposed to be normal. I really hate to think that at 30 I’ll be wearing mom jeans and oversized skirts…the thought scares me. So my question is Does fashion have an age limit?  Any thoughts or insight on the subject?


One thought on “Fashion Age Limit?

  1. johnnielynn says:

    I don’t think so, if your clothes make you feel happy and confident then you should wear them… That’s what fashion is for isn’t it and not just covering our bodies, and keeping us warm…

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