Corset Obsession?

I really think I have a problem. I want to buy every corset I see. I just love the way they look! I already own three and have several on my various wishlists. The thing is I barely wear the ones I have. I mean I do plan to but haven’t had the right event. I just want them in every style and color possible. I love the steampunk style corsets with the hanging chains and buckles. I have this awesome red and black one that I think I posted in a previous blog entry that I want to wear with ripped tights, a puffy short skirt, and combat boots. I just think corsets look good with almost anything. I think I just talked myself into a new corset purchase. Thanks for reading this random little post!


One thought on “Corset Obsession?

  1. The Curious Raven says:

    Story of my life. I can so relate! Fortunately I’ve started to seek out corsetiere sales and peek into Etsy with the word ‘corset sale’ in the search. It is very exciting to find a fit! 🙂 I must have about sixty corsets now. And I have only started to wear them more regularly for my new youtube series where I chat about corsets for a minute, which I half created just to get myself to wear more of them more often, lol! 🙂


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