Natural Hair Diary: Bentonite Clay Mask

Hi everyone, I hope you all had an awesome weekend and a lovely Valentines Day. Today I’m just wanted to tell you about my experience using Bentonite Clay on my hair. I posted a little over a week ago about how well it worked as a face mask you can check that post out here. I used the bentonite clay with honey, raw apple cider vinegar, and lavender essential oil to make a nice smooth paste. I spread the paste on my hair in sections then wrapped my hair in an old grocery bag ( I was out of shower caps) and let that stay for about 20 minutes. I then rinsed the mixture out with plain water and followed with a co wash. You have to make sure that all of the clay mix is out of your hair and off your scalp so that it doesn’t continue working and drying out your hair. After I rinsed and co washed I followed with a leave-in deep conditioner to put the moisture back in. My hair was so soft and smooth after this treatment. I could not stop touching it! This is something I will do at least once a month as a clarifying treatment. I loved it so much. Bentonite Clay is going to be a staple in my hair and skincare kits.


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