Clueless Fashionista

I love fashion. Clothes, makeup, jewelry, everything fashion related. The thing is…I AM ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS when it comes to fashion. I hear people talk about whats in season and whats not, what colors to wear and when to wear them, I have no idea what they mean. I’m the type of person who will wear white year round. If its in my closet I’m going to put it on no matter what the style. I’m the same way with makeup and nail polish. I don’t care to follow the rules of fashion. Its fun to not worry about being in or following the latest trend. I would rather be the trendsetter. I’m always late on trends anyway so it doesn’t matter. I’m always the out of style fashionista and I embrace that.


One thought on “Clueless Fashionista

  1. The Curious Raven says:

    Hear hear! White is always fabulous. And keeping up with fast fashion can be tiring if not inclined that way. See : Devil Wears Prada. Absolutely agree that rapidly changing seasonal fashion races are not for everyone. Sleek style is never out of fashion.


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