Annual Book Sale Haul

Good Afternoon guys and gals! I just got home from the annual book sale that our library holds at the local convention center! For just $5 you get as many books as you can fit into a paper grocery bag. I love to read so this event is something that I look forward to every year. This year I went with my Mom and kids  and I think we racked up pretty well. My mom got a ton of paper backs and my kids and I shared a bag and each got plenty. I love to read horror, thriller, and mysteries most of the time. I got 10 hardbacks and 2 paper backs. The rest of my bag space was taken by children’s books. Here’s what I happened to grab before my bag began to split on me:

Catherine Coulter:

  • Knock Out
  • Eleventh Hour
  • Blow Out
  • The Target

I love Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thrillers. They are amazing! She was the only writer that I got more than one book by.

Dean Koontz:

  • The Husband

Alex Kava:

  • The Soul Catcher

Gerald Seymour:

  • A Deniable Death

Lisa Gardner:

  • The Killing Hour

Brian Harper:

  • Shiver

Jonathan Kellerman:

  • The Murder Book

Ralph Wiley:

  • What Black People Should Do Now

Multiple authors:

  • Sister Circle Black Women and Work

Just wanted to share my little haul with you all. Events like these are great for people looking for new things to read who dont want to pay full price at a bookstore. Happy Sunday!



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