Mommy Tag 2.0

1 How many children do you have? And how old are they?

I have 2 kids. My daughter is 8 and my son is 7.

2 What is your proudest moment as a mom ? (of your child/children)

I would have to say when my son started spelling at the age of 3.

3 What is your most frustrating moment as a mom?

When my son let a little girl in his class cut his hair.

4 How do you discipline your child/children?

Taking away priviledges, toys, and tablet. I spank when I feel it is necessary.

5 Cursing, do you do it in front of your child?

Not often but I do slip from time to time.

6 Do you think your relationship with your spouse has changed since you had children? Better or worse?

Im not married but me and my kids dad are civil with one another.

7 Since becoming a mom, do you notice you act more like your own mother?

I have my moments.

8 How are your relationships with your girlfriends?

What girlfriends? Lol we are all busy moms.

9 Your favorite place to take your child/children?

The park

10 Your least favorite place to take your child/children?


11 Piercing baby’s ear: do or don’t?

I didnt because I wanted her to decide. She still hasn’t decided.

12 Favorite skincare for you and child/children?

Shea Butter

13 Must have mommy makeup item?

My EOS lip balm

14 Bath or shower? (for you and child/children)


15 Are you back to your pre baby weight?

I am happy to say that I am not. I do not want to be a 92 pound rail ever again.

16 College dreams: Do you expect your kids to go to college? Or would you let them decide for themselves?

I want them to but things happens.

17 What is the one show your child/children love but you secretly HATE?

Pretty much anything on Nick

18 Cloth diapers: yay or nay?


19 Finish this sentence: “you know you’re a mom when you______?”

no longer gag at the sight of vomit

20 Favorite non-mom moment (what do you enjoy in your free time)?

Video games or reading


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