Derma HD’s Makeup Beauty Blender

Hi readers! Here’s another honest review from Michelle. This time I come to you with a review for a Beauty Blender Dupe. This is my first beauty blender so I have nothing to compare it to. Its nice and durable and it doesn’t seem to suck up too much product. Im not very experienced with this tool so I wont say it didn’t work well. I tried using it to do my full foundation but it looked splotchy and uneven. I’m going to say that was a user error. I’m sure with practice I will get better results. I like that I can really get under my eyes and get a smooth finish with this blender. Once I learn to use it properly I would definitely buy this dupe again. If money is slim and you want a cheaper alternative to the beauty blender then Derma HD’s Makeup Beauty Blender is an awesome buy at only $13.  Thanks so much for reading and please feel free to leave any feedback or advice you have on using a beauty blender.



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