Conair Double Sided Lighted Mirror

Good Morning readers! This morning I am going to post my opinions on the Conair Double Sided Mirror that I purchased from Amazon. I have been looking for a nice mirror for my makeup area for a while now. The ones I came across were always too small or the lighting was bad. This mirror is nice! No more than nice, this mirror is awesome. I love that the light gives off a soft glow instead of that harsh bright lighting. The on/on switch is on the base of the mirror and the cord is a great length. I can move it around my makeup table without stressing the cord at all. The Conair mirror i the perfect size and height for me. I can sit in front of it and see my entire face without having to stoop over it or stretch up to see into it. The 7x magnification is a god send for me because I have very bad vision and its really hard to see when applying my eye makeup. With this mirror I can take off my glasses and see well enough to do my makeup. I absolutely adore this mirror. It is awesome. I cannot say that enough. It is awesome, awesome, awesome! I purchased this with my own money so Im not just saying this. If your are looking for a nice mirror for your vanity the Conair Double Sided Mirror is a great choice.


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