Common Black Girl Tag

Today Im going to do something a bit different and I guess “fun”.  I saw this Common Black Girl Tag and it looked interesting so Im going to do it! My answers will not e what you typically expect though be warned.

1. Have you ever been told you sound like a white girl? Yes because when in a professional setting I speak properly and Im from NC so you know Im country
2. Do you drink Starbucks? I use the K-Cups for the Keurig but Ive never actually been to Starbucks
3. Do people ever say you act ghetto? No not at ALL
4. Can you dance? Not even a little bit
5. Do you eat soul food? Of course I do. I was raised on it and I appreciate every bite!
6. Do you go to public, private, or charter school? Public
7. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Depends on where Im going. No longer than an hour though.
8. Do you ever take selfies? Selfies? Me? Uhhhh

9. Have you ever eaten fried chicken? Yes but who hasnt? Fried chicken isnt a BLACK food. Why do people seem to think that?
10. Have you ever watched the movie Mean Girls? Yes…but dont tell anyone!
11. What is your ethnicity? “African-American”
12. Do you always try to look good? Of course. Everyone should try to look nice and presentable at all times. Never know who you may run into.
13. Have you ever seen the movie The Color Purple? Yes years ago.
14. What are your average grades in school? A’s and B’s…I was in a lot of honors and advanced placement classes in HS.
15. Do you have a lot of friends? Not really. Im shy. I have a few close friends that I associate with but I dont do big groups.
16. Do you enjoy doing this tag? Its decent…stereotypical which I expected
17. Black gel or Jam? Neither. I use Eco Styler with Argon oil
18.Does your name have “isha” in it? My first name no but my middle name is Latisha which means Joy
19. Do you roll your neck and/or your eyes? Everyone rolls their eyes. Im rolling them as I read this question.
20.How often do you get an attitude? Only when Im pushed to the edge.
21. Do you like Taylor Swift? I like her earlier songs…Im an Avril type girl. S8r Boy was my jam!
22. Have you ever dated a white guy? Yep! I lost a job because of jealously from my white female supervisor. She never had any issues with my work performance or me until my white boyfriend picked me and my kids up from the daycare I was working at at the time. He and I are no longer together but we are still friends.
23. Do you wear weave?  Not anymore. I wear wigs which are not the same as weave.
24. Are you light skin or dark skin? Doesnt matter my shade because either way MY BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!
25. Are you loud or quiet? Depends on who Im with and where Im at. I conduct myself properly in public and when Im home Im a bit more laid back and verbal.
26 Did you prefer the beads or rope twisters? What??
27. Just for me or Shea moisture? Shea Moisture. You know white girls can use that line too right?
28 What is the most annoying question you get asked? Why dont you smile more? 
29. Are you ratchet? Nope and I really dont associate myself with people who are…black or any other race.
30. Has your weave ever fallen out? When I used to wear it no.
31 Do you pat your head or do you do the assisted scratch? Neither. I scratch my head if it itches #naturalhair
32. Who is your favorite black couple? The Obamas…I mean she been down for him since day one. Forget Jay and Bey!
33 What black women do you look up to? All the strong black women who have been down for the revolution. They inspire me for so many reasons but we wont get into that right now.
34. whats your favorite thing about being a black woman? We are BOMB. Its so hard to explain we are awesome, strong, smart, leaders, fighters, beautiful…being black is “lit”
35. Do you like weave? It ight..whats with all the weave questions?
36 Do you like chicken and watermelon? Yep. How about you?
37 Do you have any white friends? I used to have only white friends but not anymore…after like 9th grade we kind of split and started hanging out with our perspective races. Not that we dont like each other but Idk..stuff happens.
38 Do you often get told you talk like a white girl? I do. I usually respond by asking what talking like a white girl means. My intelligence has nothing to do with the color of my skin. I talk like an educated person. By saying I talk white you are saying that white equals smart and black equals dumb. They shutup after that.
39 Is your natural hair long? Medium length I guess. Not a twa but not hanging down my back.
40. Are those your real eye lashes? Yes…I have no clue how to put on false lashes. Ive tried several times. My real lashes are too curly I think.
41. Do you have a boooty? I havent gotten any complaints form babe and I aint complaining if that tells you anything.
42. Do you talk with your hands a lot? When Im typing lol…get it?
43. Are you loud? Didnt I answer this already?
44. Do you know how to twerk? Nope. never tried. It actually comes from n african spirital dance…or so Ive read.

Well thats it. I dont know how ypu all will like it. Just thought Id do something different!


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