Natural Hair Diary: My Bleaching Experience

Around the beginning of November 2015 I looked in the mirror at my drab black hair and the few strands of grey making an appearance up front and decided it was time for a change. Twenty-seven years with the same hair color had grown boring to me. I sat out on a journey to learn everything I needed to know about dying my natural hair at home.

On my first attempt I just used level 30 developer because I had heard all the horrible things people went through after trying to bleach their own hair. Needless to say level 3o developer did next to nothing for my black hair. I applied some blue dye to my slightly lighter hair in one section to see if it would take. IT DID NOT.

Attempt number two: level 40 developer. Yes I actually thought that this would brighten my hair enough to dye it the blue color that I desired. The results were slightly better but not much. Here are the results from the second attempt. The dark patch in front is where I applied the blue dye after the first time I tried to lighten it.


I actually liked this look but its just not what I wanted so I coated the brown part with dark blue dye and the front patch with a dark purple. What were you thinking Michelle? Of course the color didnt take so it looked like I had the same black hair that I began with.

I waited about two weeks and did a bit more internet research and finally I broke down. I went on a bleach hunt! I purchased some Clairol powdered bleach and used the level 30 developer I already had. This time I saw results! Of course I was bleaching blue and purple hair so I was prepared for some crazy color results. I coated my hair in coconut oil the night before bleaching because I read that it helps protect the hair. The next day I mixed my bleach and applied it for about 20 minutes.


This was what I was left with. As you can see my curl pattern in front was slightly altered. I should have stopped here but nooooo I wanted what I wanted so about a week later I did a bleach bath using shampoo and bleach together.


I lightened my hair but I DESTROYED my curls up front and severely damaged my curl pattern on the rest of my head. My curls were extremely loose for a while but for the most part they popped back, except up front. So I finally got my hair light enough for color to show but by this point I no longer wanted blue and purple hair. I went all the way out of my comfort zone and took a bottle of hot pink semi permanent dye to my hair. I absolutely loved it! Im calling this my pre midlife crisis phase.


The pink faded and I moved on to my current color which is a very beautiful red. I will be sticking with the color below for a while.


Thanks for reading!


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