Homemade Eyeshadow

Make Eyeshadow at Home

Step 1:
Buy a selection of mica powders. Cosmetic mica powder is a fine mineral powder that is available online, in beauty supply stores and even in some specific super stores.

Mica powder come in a huge variety of colors, with or without shimmer and in diverse quantity sizes. Although you can use a single color of mica powder to make your eyeshadow, you can make more unique and unusual shades by blending a number of different mica powders together.

Be sure to purchase only mica powder that is for cosmetic use and safe to use near your eyes.

Step 2:
Make a loose powder eyeshadow. To make a simple loose powder eyeshadow, you simply need to blend a selection of mica powders until you get your preferred shade.

For example, if you wanted to make a warm autumn-themed shade you could mix light brown, dark brown, gold, cream and orange mica powders. If you wanted a shimmering, aquamarine color, you could mix blue, green and silver mica powders.

To get a consistent color, you will need to measure out equal amounts of each mica powder. To do this, you can use the .15cc pigment scoop that is often provided with the mica powders, or even a small measuring spoon. It doesn’t matter what quantity of each powder you use, as long as you use equal amounts.

Place the powders in an empty lip balm container (you can wash out an old one or buy online) and mix well to combine. Some people like to use a small herb or coffee grinder to do this, but you can also just use a spoon. Make sure to screw the lid on tightly when you’re done, you don’t want the powder to spill!

Step 3:
Make a pressed powder eyeshadow. To make a pressed powder eyeshadow (like the ones in an eyeshadow palette) you will need to follow the same process as described for the loose powder eyeshadow, before completing a few extra steps.

Once you have mixed your mica powders to create your chosen shade, you will need to add a powder binder — these usually come in spray or liquid form and can be purchased online.
Add the powder binder to the mica mixture drop by drop (or spray by spray) and mix well until it achieves the consistency of wet sand.

Transfer the wet powder to an empty lip balm container, then place a piece of paper towel directly over the shadow and place a coin on top (it can be any coin, but try to match it to the size of the container).

Slowly press down on the coin so the shadow under it becomes compacted. Do this until the entire top of the shadow has been pressed. Leave the shadow out on a counter, covered with a sheet of paper towel, until the powder is entirely dry. Once it’s dry, your pressed eyeshadow is ready to use!

Step 4:
Make a cream eyeshadow. Making a cream shadow using mica powders is a slightly more complicated process, which requires several additional ingredients. However, you can achieve a more intense color using this method.

To make this cream eyeshadow, you will need:
8 white beeswax pastilles
1 teaspoon of refined shea butter
24 drops of refined jojoba oil
120 drops vegetable glycerin
12 drops of vitamin E oil
2 1/4 teaspoons of mica powder (a single color or a combination)

Add the shea butter and beeswax to a small bowl and microwave for a minute or two until melted. Using a separate 3ml plastic pipette for each ingredient, add the drops of jojoba oil,vegetable glycerin and vitamin E oil to the bowl.
Add the mica powder to the bowl and mix well to combine all of the ingredients until you achieve a uniform consistency.
Transfer the creamy mixture to an empty lip balm container, tightly replace the lid and wait 24 hours before using.


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