Raspberry Green Tea Popsicles

One of my favorite things to snack on are Raspberries so when I found this recipe for popsicles made with fresh raspberries on Vanessabaked.com I felt I had to share it with everyone!

Raspberry Green Tea Popsicles

Makes 4 – 6 popsicles (This will depend on your popsicle molds.)

1 1/2 cups fresh brewed green tea (cooled)
1 1/2 cups frozen raspberries (fresh is fine)
1/3 cup of honey

Step One: Pour cooled green tea in the blender. Along with the raspberries and honey. Blend until all the ingredients become a liquid. (*Optional – You can stain the liquid to remove seeds. Use a fine mesh strainer, over a large bowl. Pour liquid into strainer, and allow the liquid to strain out.) Pour into popsicle molds. Place the tops on molds and freeze. Freeze over-night, or until completely frozen. Enjoy!



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