New Game…Kinda


Good Afternoon readers! This is not going to be a makeup/beauty post but more of a guilty pleasure (that I don’t feel that guilty about) post. My tomboy to girly girl ratio is pretty much even. While I love makeup, clothes, and shopping, I also love chilling out in my sweatpants watching a nice action movie, sports game, or doing my most favorite thing, playing video games! I am holding out on buying the latest system until there are more games available but while I’m waiting I decided to breakdown and buy Dragon Age Inquisition. I haven’t played the other Dragon Age games yet(don’t tell my gamer friends…I’d be shunned)so this will be the first in the series for me. I’m very excited about this game because RPGs are my favorite type of game. I just wanted to share a small piece of non beauty information about myself with my readers. Now I’m off to lead the Inquisition!


One thought on “New Game…Kinda

  1. makeup_by_makena says:

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