Music In A Baptist Home

I’ve been listening to music all day and it got me thinking about what it was like when I was a kid. My dad is a Pastor and my mother was raised in the church, their domination being Free Will Baptist. As a child I wasn’t allowed to listen to any music that wasn’t classified as “Christian music”. I remember sneaking home CDs from friends or making mixtapes using the radio. I always felt that rule was ridiculous. If it doesn’t mention Jesus then I can’t listen to it? Even profanity free songs and love songs were not allowed. I would always wonder what was wrong with a love song. As my bothers and I got older the rule changed to ‘No playing your secular music loud enough for me to hear it.’ To this day if one of parents are riding in the car with us it’s either radio off or gospel music. As a sign of respect I don’t listen to my music when my parents are within earshot even though the bulk of what I listen to is clean.


2 thoughts on “Music In A Baptist Home

  1. prudencevwhittaker says:

    I wasn’t allowed to listen to rap music. The rule in our house was you had to recite the Preamble and Bill of Rights verbatim in order to listen. Education was always first. Every other type of music was fine as long as it didn’t contain adult content.

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