Day 6: Write 30 interesting facts about yourself

  1. I’m adopted
  2. I have 2 kids
  3. I love anything horror
  4. I’m a giant nerd
  5. I love video games
  6. My favorite author is Stephen King
  7. My favorite TV show is Doctor Who
  8. #teamAndroid
  9. I have a crazy eating habit…Cornstarch…I go through 6 2 pound containers a month
  10. My favorite movie is Batman. All of them.
  11. I want to be Harley Quinn when I grow up lol
  12. I have a crush on The Joker
  13. My favorite band is Mayday Parade
  14. I’m only 5 feet tall
  15. I love sushi
  16. I have a favorite serial killer…dont judge me I’m damaged
  17. My dad is a Pastor
  18. I was an honor student in High School and college
  19. I don’t really like cake
  20. I cried at the end of Toy Story 3
  21. I’m a very boring person
  22. I hate going out because I’m afraid people will talk to me
  23. I’m very social online though
  24. I make jewelry
  25. I almost died while in labor with my daughter
  26. I lost my virginity at 18
  27. I drink way too much Pepsi
  28. I’ve been called vain so many times that I’ve taken it on as a nickname
  29. I wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist when I was young
  30. OMG this list is so hard. Maybe they’ve stopped reading and wont notice this last fact isn’t really a fact

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