Day 3: Your view on drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can be a touchy subject for some people but I m not going to let that sway what I write on the subject. I am an adult in my late twenties so I have had my experiences with alcohol and drugs. I started drinking around the age of 14 because, well, my friends were doing it. Yes I know what a stupid reason right? My view on it? To each his own. No I do not condone underage drinking, please understand that. At the appropriate age drinking in moderation is fine in my book as long as it is not endangering the lives of others. Drugs…well honestly I don’t see the harm in a drug like marijuana. I mean it’s a natural growing plant. Who doesn’t want to be one with nature at times? lol. I have smoked it and I know people who still do. I don’t approve of heavy drugs or prescriptions for recreational use though. I came from a home of heavy drug abusers. Luckily I was taken from that environment before it had too much of a lasting effect on me. So in the end I really feel like people have to choose for themselves. Know your limits and know your family history when it comes to drug and alcohol use.


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