Online Shopping: Yea I’m Addicted

I have a confession. I’m an online bargain shopping addict. I will search Amazon for hours looking for cheap cute things to buy. I have to say I’m very glad about four items I ordered this week. First is a cute, black, straight wig with bangs by AGPtek. It was only $11.99 so I had to have it! The second thing was another wig…no clue what brand but its a long wavy piece with lovely side swept bangs and at about $7.00 I’d say it was a steal. I may only get a few wears from each but at those prices who cares!?!?! I also got a set of makeup brushes for less than$15. I was worried they’d be crappy but OMG those things are awesome! Its a set of 32 by DragonPad and it even comes in a cute and sturdy leather case. They’re soft and I haven’t seen any shedding so far. The best thing I’ve received so far though has to be this underbust waist trainer/cincher corset by Injoy. It slims me so well. I no longer look like I did when I was 3 months pregnant which was huge for a person with my build. I have 3 more things coming which I’ll talk about when they arrive. Had to share my excitement!


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