Boho Queen Jewelry: A Review

I had wanted to be a brand ambassador for a while because I truly do love all things beauty and fashion. I finally got my opportunity when I was contacted on Instagram by a company called Boho Queen Jewelry. I applied and was accepted into their collab program (I believe they accept everyone who applies honestly) and was sent to their site to pick out a piece of jewelry to purchase and promote on my Instagram account.

I picked out a beautiful waist and thigh chain piece and informed them that this was the piece I wanted to use to promote their company and products. I received a discount code and made the order. The original price of this piece was $84 and I got it for only $36 so I was extremely delighted. It was a beautiful piece and I thought that $36 was a steal.

As you can see from the pictures above the piece looks stunning.

I placed my order at the end of April and was expecting it to arrive about a week and a half later since the site claims they ship every 72 hours but it took about 3 weeks to get to me. I was lead to believe that this company was based in the U.S but when I looked at the package it was shipped in it became clear that this is a company based in China. I have no issue with that but its something that a business should tell its buyers up front.

Even after the long wait I was excited to get the body chain on and take some photos for my Instagram and for the company to use on their page. My excitement faded when I  attempted to put the body chain on for the first time and it immediately broke.

20170517_161601 Luckily I’m a jewelry maker myself so I knew how to put the piece back together. Cool no biggie right? Wrong! It broke FIVE more times in different places before I could get it to stay together long enough to snap a few quick pictures. I had an entire shoot planned because I wanted to do the best job possible promoting this company but that was out the window. I got one decent picture before the piece broke AGAIN and I gave up.


I wanted to do several different poses and a couple of different outfits but as I said before, my plans were now out the window. I sat down to get into a different pose and SNAP the piece was broken and so was I. I was done. I couldn’t get the piece to lay right because of the way it was put together at the thighs so I admit the photo was not the best. Then again the product was not the best either.

I emailed the company and sent pictures of the broken piece and got no response past them asking what my order number was. That was last week.

I wanted to give Boho Queen Jewelry a good review and provide them with quality representation but that was hard for me to do given the quality of the product that was sent to me. I know I only paid $36 for the chain but honestly it was not even worth that much. It is pretty to look at but impossible to wear. The material is cheap…discount section of the craft store cheap. I can’t believe that they are actually charging people $84 for a piece of jewelry made with such low quality materials. I had already planned my  next ambassador order but receiving this piece changed my mind completely.

If I ever hear back from them I will give an update but as of right now I don’t think I will be working with Boho Queen Jewelry again.

A Proposal but No Ring

Would you accept a proposal with no ring? Does it make a woman less if she does?

This is a subject that is talked about often among unmarried women. A lot of women feel that if man wants to marry you then he should buy you a ring, others disagree. I’m on the side of the ones who disagree.

It is believed that the tradition of the engagement ring originated from a Roman custom. The woman would wear rings attached to small keys to indicate their husbands ownership. The first known diamond ring was given to Mary of Burgundy and from there it became a trend for nobility.

I find the history behind the tradition to be very vain but lots of traditions have a less than appealing history. I have no issue with being proposed to with a ring but I don’t feel it’s necessary if two people are in love and want to celebrate that love by getting married. A lot of people say that the ring is a symbol of the love between the two. Why do you need a physical symbol of someones love? The ultimate symbol is them asking you to spend the rest of your life with them. If that doesn’t say I Love You then
I don’t think any ring can. Again these are just my opinions.

One woman went so far as to say that she believes that if a woman accepts a proposal without a ring she is being compelled by her desperation and that she has low standards. To me this is a reach. Some women are not interested in materialistic symbols of love. some  women don’t like jewelry. Some would rather see that money invested into something a bit more long term. Saying that a woman is desperate or has low standards because she would say yes with no ring is ridiculous. We are all different and the next woman should not be put down because of something as trivial as the acceptance of marriage sans a metal band with an expensive rock attached.


What are your thoughts? Do you need a ring to solidify your union or is the love that you share with your partner enough?

Why I Stopped Using the Productivity Planner and What I Use Instead


I’m the type of person who likes to write down every single thing that I plan to do. It calms my anxiety and gives me peace of mind. I had been using the once popular Productivity Planner created by Alex Ikonn. Its a system that’s supposed to help with productivity and organization. For a while this journal worked for me but I found the routine boring and honestly I lost interest in the journal and went back to just saving plans, events, notes, etc in my phone. I would come back to my Productivity Planner every now and again and plan out my week but I wouldn’t keep record like I was supposed to. Yes that may be my own fault but the layout of the planner is boring and forgettable. The Productivity planner is great for a minimalist who prefers to keep thing simple and to the point. 20170510_173312


What Planning Method Do I Use Now?

I am a creative. I like to design, decorate, and let my imagination take over. This is where the Bullet Journal comes in. Its a simple method of planning created by Ryder Carroll. The great thing about the bullet journal is that YOU decide how simple or how extravagant you want it to be. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. I felt that this method would better suit me because I could do whatever I wanted with it. I searched Pinterest for weeks looking for ideas and layouts and trackers. I was amazed at all the things that could be done with a bullet journal. So I headed over to Amazon and picked out a nice little dotted journal and some fine point pens to begin my journey into the bullet journal world.


I then ran over to my favorite craft store and picked up a few other items to get me started.


I am already enjoying the Bullet Journal method more than the Productivity Planner.


I messed up so many times trying to do the layout for my bullet journal but thanks to Washi Tape It just looks like I decided to decorate the page with some leopard print. I’m sure with time my technique will improve. I cant wait to continue my bullet journaling experience. I have so many things I want to do with it!


Do you keep a planner or journal? Do you like a more basic layout or do you like to throw some color and creativity into your daily planning?



Perfection In A Cup

Remember when everyone was trying the cake in a mug recipe? Well Duncan Hines has come out with the perfect product. Its called Perfect Size for 1 and its just that. A perfect little pouch full of yummy…cakeness that you make in a coffee mug #howperfectisthat! I received a box of the Chocolate Lovers Cake from Influenster for FREE in turn for my honest review. This Perfect Size for 1 cake takes less that 2 minutes to complete and is done in the microwave. All you do is add milk or water and stir until the mixture is smooth then place in the microwave for 1 minute and 50 seconds. You can eat it alone or add a twist and make it your own. The chocolate lovers cake is amazing especially since it has chocolate chips all throughout. This is perfect for for small families or someone who wants to enjoy sweets but in moderation. Have you tried Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 cakes? How do you spice it up and make it your own? Share your recipes with me!

My First LookBook

So I recently discovered the app Polyvore (literally 4 hours ago) and have been putting together outfits ever since. I know I’m late to the game but I am crazy about this app. I can create any look imaginable and its free. Here are a few of the looks I put together over the past few hours. I’m no fashion expert but hey it never hurts to try!

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White Girl, Black Ass..ets

Before you read this I want to make it known that this was not written out of hate, anger, or bitterness. It is an observation made by a community of women.

Have you ever been scrolling through your social media feed and happened to see a picture of a White woman with full lips, tanned skin, and curvy figure with a caption reading something like “Watch out Black girls!” or “White girls winning” or “White girls are evolving”? I see these types of posts all too often on my social media feeds.

images (2)

We live in a time where cosmetic surgery is almost the norm. Everyone is filling, enhancing, and plumping every part of their body possible. People like the Kardashians and Jenners have changed body standards due to the enhancements they have gotten. Suddenly body goals are darker skin, bigger hips and butts, and big plump lips. People have injured themselves trying to achieve these “body goals”.

“Whats the big deal?” you ask. Well not too far back a group of people, mainly women were ridiculed for these suddenly fashionable assets. Black women who are known to have full lips, wide hips, and large…assets were called all kinds of names for these features. These features were seen as ugly and unattractive on Black women. There were cartoon made that over exaggerated our features for the purpose of mocking us.


So why are White women praised for having features and doing things that Black women have had and done for centuries? Are Black features better on white women? Are these features only ugly on Black women? It seems that nearly everything a Black woman has or does is frowned upon by the majority. It doesn’t just stop at the physical. If a black woman is assertive about something she has and attitude and is deemed unruly. Yet a White woman who displays the same assertiveness is seen as passionate and outspoken. A latina would be called feisty ans sexy. Black women aren’t allowed to be upset or angry because as soon as we are we are labeled as bitter and angry. We are called bitches for simply showing human emotion. I’ll touch more on the subject of the treatment of black women in modern society in later posts though.

Again this is simply an observation and is not meant to offend any person or group of people.


Whats On My Desk

I have unofficially challenged myself to blog at least 3 to 4 time a week from now on. I grabbed a list of things thing write about from Pinterest and pulled a few that I thought would be fun. Today I am going to do Whats On My Desk. Since I don’t exactly have a home office set up yet I use my makeup area as my desk.  I don’t have much “office” stuff on it besides my laptop and a couple journals and planners. The only time I’m at my desk is when I’m doing my makeup or when I’m not in the mood to leave my bedroom to do my writing.  Here’s a shot of my desk:


You can see I’m working on this very post!

The Truth About Being A SAHM

You hear a lot of Moms rave about the fulfillment they get out of being a Stay At Home Mom but do you ever hear anyone talk about how hard it really is?

Being a SAHM wasn’t my ultimate goal growing up. I wanted to be a Writer/Artist/Chef/Doctor who traveled in her free time. As I got older my career goals became a bit more focused and I settled on being a doctor. That didn’t happen and that’s my own fault. I got into some situations that got me off track, you can read about those things here. I ended up becoming a mom at 19 and you guessed it, another career change. I wanted to own my own daycare. I got a job at a daycare which seemed wonderful because I was working and my kids were at the same daycare. The issue with this was most of my paycheck was going right back to the people who were paying me. Can you see how that can get old quick? I ended up leaving that job and eventually I went back to school (after seeing that I had a gift for making handmade jewelry) for business.I finally knew what I wanted to be…The Boss. At the time I was still living with my parents so being a broke college student with two kids wasn’t too bad.

Lets fast forward and get to the point of this piece. The Truth About Being A SAHM. I wont lie I enjoyed being a stay at home mom. I was with my kids all day teaching them there ABC’s and 123’s, taking cute pics of them riding tricycles and scooters, ya know the fun stuff. And since I was living with my family I was never lonely or bored. I didn’t understand why anyone would want to do anything else. A little cooking, a little cleaning, and the kids put to bed by 8 pm. It was a wonderful life…until both my kids reached school age and their appetites, messes, and personalities got bigger.


My kids are now 8 and 9 and I never thought I’d say this but I hate being a stay at home mom. My house is constantly a mess, the mountains of laundry are impassable, the dishes…oh my the dishes. And did yall know that even at 8 years old little boys cant aim at the huge hole filled with water in the toilet? I say “go clean your room” no less than 10 times a day. I mop the kitchen and 5 minutes later someone has spilled juice all over my sparkly floor. I love my kids and would not trade them for the world but gosh sometimes mommy needs a break. Have you ever felt smothered and lonely at the same time? That’s how it feels to be a SAHM sometimes. You crave adult companionship. I have my fiance but sometimes I want to meet new friends or hang out with the girls. Why not send them to Dads house you ask? If that were an option, believe me honey, I would do that regularly. Sometimes all you want to do is sit in a corner and cry from all the stress of managing a home and kids. That in itself is a full time job that many moms don’t get enough credit for.


Its hard being a SAHM. Yes there are good days, hell there are great days. Days when the kids get off the bus and pick flowers (usually weeds) from the yard and hand them to you as they rush into the house, like when your child comes home excited about their good grades, the goodnight kisses and just because hugs. Those thing make paying for new uniforms and lost library books, doing 5 loads of laundry, a sink full of dishes, and mopping the floor for the 3rd time that day worth it.

Why Beauty In Vain?

Hi Guys! How many of you have been wondering why my blog name is Beauty In Vain? Well today I’m going give you a piece of the story.

I was dating a guy a few years back who had the habit of calling me vain anytime I’d look into a mirror. I know it was meant to be rude and slightly insulting but instead of getting upset I began using it as my screen name on my online profiles and things. Instead of breaking me down it gave me a little boost.  As time passed and that relationship ended I continued using Vain as my handle for almost everything. It stuck to the point where I’d meet people in real life and instead of addressing me by my actual name they’d call me Vain.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not a vain person…at least I don’t think I am. In fact I used to identify more with the second definition of vain…producing no result; useless. I know it doesn’t describe a person but at a time in my life it was me and that is a story for another day.